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iWave炉安装 & 服务在印第安纳波利斯

Improve the Air Quality in Your 威尼斯人集团 or Office with Help from 吐絮期加热 & 冷却

If you suffer from seasonal allergies or a respiratory condition like asthma, you may benefit from the innovative iWave air purifying device. 这个设备, installed in your furnace, can reduce allergens and other pollutants in your air and help you breathe a little easier. 这是一个极好的解决方案 for both residential homeowners and business owners. 通过改进 室内空气质量, your home is more comfortable and inviting for everyone.

在棉铃加热 & 冷却, we believe in providing top-quality, professional 每一次服务. Our 印第安纳波利斯 iWave furnace installation experts 也不例外. All of our technicians go through background checks and drug screening before they are hired. 我们也威尼斯澳门人留下来 up to date with the latest in 室内空气质量 services, like the iWave 系统. Since 1948, we have been a family-owned and operated business. 72 years later, we are just as passionate about what we do as the day 我们开了.


The iWave ionizing air purifier is easily installed in your furnace, near the return, and from there works to improve the 室内空气质量 of 你的整个家庭. The device produces ions, equal amounts of positive and negative ions, and releases these into the air stream. 这些离子 break down pollutants and clean the air by binding to them and removing the hydrogen molecules – without hydrogen, things like bacteria 不能生存. The iWave air purifying 系统 has no harmful byproducts 而且维护成本低.

When installed in your furnace, the iWave 系统 can remove the following 从你的空气:

  • 过敏原

  • 细菌

  • 灰尘

  • 气体

  • 模具

  • 气味

  • 病毒

When the ions come in contact with allergens, like pollen, they cause the 粒子结合在一起. This makes them large enough to be effectively caught by your air filters, making the filters that much more effective.

The Benefits of Installing iWave in Your 威尼斯人集团 or Office

Did you know that your 室内空气质量 can be significantly worse than 室外的空气质量? Many find it surprising, but because your home or office is enclosed and has limited airflow, pollutants, allergens, dust, and other contaminants get trapped inside. 最终,这个构建 up, aggravating your respiratory 系统, and making your home feel and 闻起来不新鲜.

When you install the iWave, you can enjoy:

  • Safer, cleaner air throughout your home

  • 改进的气味

  • 烟 and cooking odors dissipate more quickly

  • 减轻呼吸道条件

  • 低至不需要维护

  • Can be used in any home or office with a central air duct 系统

We have installed hundreds of iWave air purifying devices in 印第安纳波利斯. Many of our customers report a reduction in their allergies and an alleviation of respiratory symptoms after they have installed iWave in their furnace. Additionally, many have said that the overall comfort levels of their 住房有所改善.

To learn more about iWave 室内空气质量 系统s and if they are right 请联系Bolls暖气公司 & 冷却 (317) 830-3010. We proudly serve customers throughout Avon, Carmel, Greenwood, and beyond.


  • 他们非常及时.

    “they're a family company, so I'm comfortable using them.”

  • 非常专业.


    - - - - - -史蒂文
  • Bolls has been my heating/cooling service provider for more than a quarter of a century.

    “I have been a very satisfied customer!”

  • 一个真正伟大的小生意!!

    “We could not be more pleased with their service and will continue to use them in the future.”

  • We got 3 quotes and Bolls was by far the best.

    “They did a great job and Bolls is now the heating and cooling company I will use in the future.”



As a long-standing part of the 印第安纳波利斯 community, 吐絮期加热 & 冷却 is the area’s go-to expert for 室内空气质量 services. We are proud to offer our customers the ingenious iWave 系统. 我们iWave furnace installation experts are always professional and take care to 尊重你的家. We always wear booties and use drop cloths to protect your home, and we clean up after installation.

Should you have questions after the installation is complete, we are always 去回答他们. When you want to work with an 室内空气质量 and iWave air purification 系统 specialist you can rely on, call us. 在棉铃加热 & 冷却, your satisfaction always comes first.

For honest, reliable iWave installation service, contact our 印第安纳波利斯 air purification specialists 今天!

Why Should You Choose 吐絮期加热 & 冷却?

  • 提供维修计划

    We offer some of the industry's most comprehensive service plans.

  • 训练有素的 & 认证

    Our NATE certified technicians are committed to ongoing training.

  • 诚实 & 完整性

    We have built a reputation for providing honest work.

  • 建立业务

    We have been the trusted choice in HVAC services for over 70 years.


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